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Prices for classic and collector cars in the US are generally based on their year, make model and condition. We use the following 6-category condition scale commonly used in the US to rate the standard of quality in classic vehicles. Please specify what kind of car condition will you accept. Full explanation of the categories can be found below.

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Explanation of Condition Categories:

1 – EXCELLENT: A show car in concourse condition. The vehicle has been professionally restored to the current highest standard, but a few exceptionally well cared for originals may qualify. All components are original or are exact replacements. Most ‘Excellent’ cars are not driven, transported to shows in an enclosed trailer, and, when not being shown, stored in a climate-controlled facility. There are VERY FEW # 1 cars
#2 – FINE: Well restored or a combination of superior restoration and excellent original. Also, an extremely well maintained original, showing very minimal wear. Except for the very closest inspection, a No. 2 vehicle may appear as a No. 1. The No. 2 vehicle will take the top award in many judged shows, except when squared off against a No. 1 example in its own class. It may be driven 800-1000 miles each year to shows, tours or simply for pleasure
#3 – VERY GOOD: Most casual observers would describe this vehicle as excellent. #3 – Very Good cars show very little wear and are driven sparingly. Many are used as weekend drivers during summer months, for shows only (‘show quality driver’). Many older ‘frame-off’ restorations fall into this category. This is a ’20-footer’, that is, from 20 feet away it may look perfect. But as we approach it, we begin to notice that the paint may getting a little thin in spots from frequent washing and polishing. Looking inside we might detect some wear on the driver’s seat, foot pedals, and carpeting. The chrome trim, while still quite presentable, may have lost the sharp, mirror-like reflective quality it had when new. All systems and equipment on the car are in good operating order. In general, most of the vehicles seen at local car shows are #3’s
#4 – GOOD: A drivable vehicle needing no, or only minor, work to be functional. Amateur restorations usually fall into this category, as do very old professional restorations that have deteriorated due to use and exposure to the elements. All components may need restoration to be excellent, but the car is mostly usable as is. This is a ‘daily driver’. It may be in the process of restoration, or its owner may have big plans, but even from 20 feet away, there is no doubt that it needs a lot of help
#5 – RESTORABLE: Needs a complete restoration of body, chassis, and interior. May appear to be a good deal because of the price, but may have some rust problems, mechanical problems or be in need of paint and/or interior restoration. Body damage due to collision or rust should be minor; some surface rust may appear, but no holes should be present. The headliner shows staining, the upholstery is worn, the carpet needs replacing, etc. It may not be operable, but it is essentially all there. We call this a ‘quality resto project’ vehicle
#6 – PARTS CAR: May or may not be running, but is weathered, wrecked, and/or stripped to the point of being useful primarily for parts. This is an incomplete or greatly deteriorated, perhaps rusty, vehicle that has value only as a parts donor for other restoration projects.


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