If you want to buy or find Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, Collector’s Cars, Street Rods, Hot Rods or Custom & Vintage Motorcycles from the United States, then True West Imports are the people to help you.

We specialise in helping buyers in a friendly, professional and courteous way.

Whether buying your first classic or looking to add to your collection, we have the network, the experience and knowledge to assist you in this sometimes complicated marketplace.

Browse or search our catalogue of vehicles, read through the informative ‘service’ and ‘FAQ’ sections to learn more – or use our free ‘locator’ service to try and find your dream car.

How it Works for Buyers:

  • You can locate a vehicle by yourself, search our extensive inventory of stock we have already for sale or ask us to locate one for you by using our Car or Bike locator forms.
  • If you are looking for a vehicle yourself, ensure to ask as many questions about the vehicle as you can think of, including the VIN and a photo of the VIN in situ. If the vehicle is advertised as numbers matching it is a must to decode the VIN to ensure the details are correct. A very useful tool can be found at the following site. Decode This!
  • Also, ask the seller to send you photographs of their vehicle (like the undercarriage, photos down the sides of the vehicle to check for dings or dents and gaps between panels etc.). Ask for extra photos even if the seller has some photos with their advertisement.
  • If after receiving the information from the seller, and you are tempted to proceed with a purchase, TrueWest Imports recommends LWAYS having a Pre-purchase Inspection done on the vehicle before proceeding any further with the purchase, especially before any money exchanges hands.
  • Negotiate the purchase of the vehicle – if you have asked us to locate the vehicle for you, we will do our best to negotiate the best price on your behalf
  • Draft the required Bill of Sale to ensure the legal transfer of the title of the vehicle into the Purchasers’ name
  • Arrange secure handover of funds for the vehicle purchase. If you have asked us to locate the vehicle or you are purchasing from our inventory, we use a secure facility whereby we try to obtain the best available exchange rates for the transaction and no money passes to the Purchaser unless and until the Bill of Sale has been completed and arrangements put in place to obtain and secure the title for the vehicle, keys and any other items that may have been included in the purchase transaction, such as spare or replacement parts
  • Once the Purchase has been successfully completed:
  • You MUST apply for, and receive, an Australian Government Import Approval before arranging for any export or import processes to be put in place. The Australian Government now only accepts applications for Import Permits to be completed online. We can assist you with making the application. If you do not have an Australian Import Permit when the vehicle arrives in Australia, the vehicle may, at best, be ordered to be returned to the US (at your cost) or, in the worst case, ordered to be scrapped and crushed (also at your cost).
  • If needed, at an additional cost, we can arrange internal US transportation to the Port of Los Angeles
  • We can arrange for any air-conditioning de-gassing that may be required by the Australian Government as a precondition to importing the vehicle into Australia. As the de-gassing is required to be done by an authorised and qualified technician who must also provide documentation certifying the de-gasing has been done in compliance with Australian legislation, the de-gassing is also an additional cost to you.
  • We organise and assist you with all required US Government export paperwork.
  • We can organise all Australian Government import paperwork
  • We then organise Ocean Freight, and any optional Shipping Insurance, to the Australian or New Zealand Port of your choice
  • We, or our agents, then attend at the bonded warehouse at the Port for the Customs and Quarantine inspections.
  • We will notify you that the vehicle is available for collection, or, at an additional cost, we can have the vehicle transported to any destination nominated by you.