About Us

True West Imports is based in East Victoria Park, Western Australia, which is a convenient distance from the Port of Fremantle.

Why set up True West Imports?

Frankly, we were sick and tired of:

  1. having to wait months for a ship carrying our US muscle or classic car to be scheduled to sail into the Port of Fremantle;
  2. the container carrying our precious cargo being off-loaded in some Asian Port until a ship sailing to Fremantle was available; or
  3. and this was the general way of importing vehicles from the US, having the vehicle shipped to a Port in the Eastern States of Australia, relying on an Import Agent to do the right thing in your absence, and then paying up to Au$2000 to have the vehicle transported across the Nullarbor to Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia.

So we decided to set up a business so that potential purchasers in Western Australia, but also elsewhere in Australia, could utilise a “one stop shop” to import their dream car from the US.

We can locate and ship a vehicle for you, or you can consider purchasing a vehicle from extensive list of current inventory.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand and would like to know more about our services, or if you would like to discuss purchasing a Vintage car, Classic car or Muscle car from the US, please contact us by either using the Contact Form or direct at:

Michael Ashby
Email: info@truewestimports.com
Australian Mobile: 0421 880 604
To call from NZ: +61 421 880 604